ISARM - Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management

ISARM - Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management

The worldwide ISARM (Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management) Initiative is an UNESCO and IAH led multi-agency effort aimed at improving the understanding of scientific, socio-economic, legal, institutional and environmental issues related to the management of transboundary aquifers.

The issue of shared international waters is as old as the national borders that make those waters international. During the last century, a significant progress has been made in regulation of joint management of surface watercourses; many international river-, lake- or basin commissions have been set up and the legal treaties signed. Although some of these activities address "a groundwater component" as well, major comparable efforts related to the invisible groundwater have started just a several years ago with the ISARM Programme.
Since its start in 2002, ISARM has launched a number of global and regional initiatives. These are designed to delineate and analyse transboundary aquifer systems and to encourage riparian states to work cooperatively toward mutually beneficial and sustainable aquifer development.

ISARM 2021 Conference

ISARM 2021 ISARM 2021

On 6-8 December 2021, UNESCO will organise the conference ISARM 2021 in Paris, France. This Second International UNESCO Conference on transboundary aquifers ISARM II “Challenges and the way forward”; aims to be an opportunity for showcasing diverse efforts made by UNESCO, the International and Donor community (GEF, the World Bank, the FAO, the Swiss, the German etc…) to streamline groundwater as an enabler for achieving the water-related SDGs. 


Physical and social cientists, academics, civil servants, development economists, managers, decision-makers and governmental officers dealing with issues of transboundary aquifers, wishing to make a presentation/poster at the Conference, are invited to participate and submit abstracts. The abstracts should be in English only (Less than 400 words) and include the author’s name, affiliation, address and keywords. It should address a subject on one of the topics of the Conference.

  • Submission deadline for abstracts: 30 Dec 2020
  • Abstract acceptance: 30 March 2021
  • Second announcement: 30 June 2021 “with full detailed programme”
  • Final attendance registration 1 September 2021
  • Full papers submission: 1 October 2021
  • Final program: 28 October 2021

For any questions and inquiries, please directly contact:

IAH Commission on Transboundary Aquifers

IAH Commissions and Networks contribute to the science of groundwater and related outreach, education and training. As part of the ISARM programme, the IAH Transboundary Aquifers Commission facilitates and promotes a scientific assessment and the shared governance of transboundary aquifers.




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