IAH Commission on Transboundary Aquifers

IAH Commission on Transboundary Aquifers


IAH Commission on Transboundary Aquifers commenced its activities in September 2014. This Commission builds on the work of the previous IAH TARM Commission and be part of UNESCO's ISARM Programme.

For both international and intra-national transboundary aquifers, the Commission will provide advanced scientific, policy and legal recommendations to UN Agencies, international and national organisations and governments worldwide. The Commission will work on giving considered opinion on the linkage between hydrogeology and the law and politics of transboundary waters, which is encapsulated in the term 'governance'.


  • To assess, review and further develop the principles for sound management of transboundary aquifers
  • To promote, consolidate and support the adoption of the UN's Draft Articles on the Law of Transboundary Aquifers in particular, and will synergise with the scope of the 1997 Convention and the UN ECE Convention
  • To deliver advanced scientific and legal opinion to UN Agencies, international organisations and to governments, as requested

LinkedIn Discussion Group

To encourage discussion about transboundary aquifer among hydrogeologists, the commission initiated this LinkedIn group.

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