Activities of Global Groundwater Monitoring Group and the GGMN related activities

The main activities to date:

  1. Paris, March 2006:  Founding meeting of the IGWCO/GARS/UNESCO Groundwater Working Group
  2. Washington DC, March 2007:  Launching a Global Groundwater Monitoring Network initiative (IGRAC) and a decision of the Groundwater Working Group to organize a workshop in Utrecht
  3. Utrecht, October 2007:  Workshop on Global Monitoring of Groundwater Resources.  
  4. Presentations [at the conference on Groundwater and Climate in Africa (Kampala, June 2008), at the WWF5 in the session on 'data for all' (Istanbul, March 2009), at the IAH/IAHS Joint International Convention (Hyderabad, september 2009)] and  a publication of articles.
  5. 2009: release of updated version of GGMN web-based application
  6. 2011: Acquiring extra funding for a first regional workshops for GGMN national experts.
  7. 2011-12: a completion of the GGMN application (to be released in April 2012)
  8. A first regional GGMN workshop for the IGAD region to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 1-2 June 2012.
  9. A first regional workshop for the SADC region was held in Lusaka, Zambia 15-16 November 2012.

On-going activities:

  • Update of the GGMN founding documents (describing purpose, procedure, priorities, deliverables, etc.)
  • Completion of endorsement from international organisations
  • Preparing and sending requests for cooperation (to establish country/organizationalfocal points)
  • Update of the inventory on groundwater related datasets ready to be used in GGMN and implementation of these aggregated data in GGMN
  • Strengthening collaboration with remote sensing and global modeling communities
  • Strengthening collaboration with complementary initiatives and programmes (GEO, Whymap, WWAP etc...).