IGRAC contribution to KARST 2018 Symposium and Summer School

IGRAC contribution to KARST 2018 Symposium and Summer School

Tue, 11/09/2018 - 13:58 -- IGRAC Site Admin

From 6 to 9 June 2018, the 'Symposium KARST 2018: Expect the Unexpected' was held in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to this symposium, the 5th edition of the International Course and Field seminar “Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers” took place in Trebinje and Virpazar (Montenegro). IGRAC Director Neno Kukurić contributed to both events.

KARST 2018

This remarkable symposium completely justified the use of the slogan: expect the unexpected: the key notes, the numerous scientific papers and the field trip, all of them vividly, through examples, reiterated again and again the unpredictable nature of karst and challenges in understanding and managing karst groundwaters. 

At the same time, the symposium demonstrated the wealth of knowledge on karstology and its long tradition from the time of Jovan Cvijic and his peers, more than a century ago. It was truly a privilege to have at the symposium some of the world leading karstologists and - in their key notes - to learn about their rich and diverse experience. 

The scientific papers presented at the symposium demonstrated a clear dedication to continue enhancing the knowledge about karst, whether it is about water resources management, engineering, geomorphology, speleology, or some other topic including karst phenomena.   

The field trip revealed, even to a layman, why the symposium is held in this region, which is exemplary in the world as a full development of holokarst and has a long tradition of hydrogeological investigations.   

The symposium was organised in honour of Dr Peter Milanovic, who has worked in the region for many years, learning by doing, explaining, and disseminating precious insight about karst hydrogeology.  Eventually, as Dr Milanovic certainly hoped, the symposium has become a tribute to karst, its challenges and the beauty. 

Hopefully the merits of this symposium will, together with the Karst Summer School and continuation of the DIKTAS project, lead to reestablishment of karst water research centre in the region, an international centre that would ensure that this invaluable experience and new scientific developments are brought together and practically utilised across Dinarides and shared with colleagues karstologists from all over the world.   

The Symposium gathered about 150 participants from more than 20 countries. IGRAC contributed to the Scientific Committee and provided one of the keynotes.  

Karst Summer School

Prior the symposium, International Course and Field seminar “Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers” took place in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Virpazar (Montenegro). This year, the course was attended by 14 participants from 5 countries, where the lectures were provided by seven international karst specialists, including Neno Kukurić from IGRAC.  This is already a fifth subsequent course in Trebinje, started as a DIKTAS project spinoff activity and continued thanks to support of several organisations including IGRAC. 

Additional info on both the symposium (including the proceedings) and the course can be found at the portal of the Centre for Karst Hydrogeology (Belgrade Serbia) http://www.karst.edu.rs/, which was the main organiser of both events.