Institutional Capacity Development in Transboundary basins

Institutional Capacity Development in Transboundary basins

Mon, 28/12/2015 - 15:12 -- IGRAC Site Admin

October 10, 2008: The UN Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development organizes an international workshop on "Institutional Capacity Development in Transboundary Basins, Lessons learned from practical experiences" in Bonn, Germany  on 10-12 November. The workshop is organized in support of the work of the UN-Water Task Force on Transboundary Waters.

Objective of workshop

In this workshop UN-DPC is bringing together invited water professionals and policymakers involved in transboundary water (surface water and groundwater) cooperation with the ultimate aim of providing guidelines for required insitutional arrangements and at the same time providing an assessment of requirements for capacity development in this field.

ISARM is pleased to be able to contribute actively to this workshop, to share their ideas and experiences and learn from others.