ISARM Americas Technical Meeting in Rio de Janeiro

ISARM Americas Technical Meeting in Rio de Janeiro

Mon, 28/12/2015 - 15:40 -- IGRAC Site Admin

January 4, 2013: End November 2012, UNESCO, OAS and  IGRAC, jointly organized a technical meeting of the ISARM Americas program hosted by  the Brazilian Geological Survey in Rio de Janeiro.

The meeting gathered national coordinators of the ISARM Americas Program from seven countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and several associated specialists. The meeting was about reviewing and integrating of the newly collected information that will be used in the ISARM Americas publication "Regional Strategy for the integrated and sustainable Management of the TAS in the Americas". During the meeting, IGRAC representative presented current major TBA activities in other parts of the world at IGRAC, and announced some global and regional projects and initiatives relevant for ISARM Americas.  One of important projects is certainly TWAP (Transboundary Waters Assessment Programme), to be executed in 2013-14, also in the Americas.

The last session of the meeting was held jointly with the coordination of the  "Programa Marco Cuenca de Plata", program  that involves five American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. The purpose of the common session was the exchange of information between the two programmes, specifically between the "Groundwater" component of the "Programa Marco Cuenca de Plata" and ISARM Americas' work.

The full meeting represented important developments on the preparation of this fourth book and step forward new challenges for ISARM Americas.