Tripoli Workshop 2002

Tripoli Workshop 2002

Transboundary Aquifers in Africa

TBAs in Africa TBAs in Africa

More than 200 experts of different disciplines from 30 countries and from regional and international organisations and associations attended the workshop The International Workshop on "Managing Shared Aquifer Resources in Africa" (Tripoli, 2-4 June 2002). The Workshop was hosted and supported by the General Water Authority of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and jointly convened with the Division of Water Sciences of UNESCO under the Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management (ISARM) initiative. The meeting was co-sponsored by FAO, IAEA, IAH, UNECE and by SADC, OSS and OACT. The workshop is an important step towards regional follow-up of the milestone Statement made in the International Tripoli Conference on 'Regional Aquifer Systems' organized in November 1999. 

IHP-VI, Series on Groundwater No 8.

The workshop proceedings were published by UNESCO IHP in their groundwater series. The full report can be downloaded from this site as full document or by chapter.

The proceedings were edited by Mr Bo Appelgreen, with the assistance of Ms Raya Marina Stephan. For further information you can contact them or Ms. Alice Aureli at UNESCO:


Collaborative Environment

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